Civic Elevator is a small, fully-funded enterprise software company focused on the vertical transportation industry. We're led by pioneers in the disciplines of open data, gov tech, and community technology and we're building out our team now.

By "small" we mean we're currently a team of three along with a few consultants. Daniel X. O'Neil runs product, Chris Gansen runs technology, and Kyla Williams runs operations. We're looking to bring on just a few people in product, research, and development roles to increase capacity.

Our near-term goal is to launch a minimum viable product for our current customer base, which is a cohort of medium-sized elevator service contractors on the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region.

With our work, we seek to reduce toil, scale effectiveness, and unlock knowledge for others. We work on interesting problems for a small community of users, allowing us to deeply listen and build tools that provide value fast.

By joining our all-remote team, you'll have an immediate impact on our product.

Open Positions